1. To organize motivational seminars for motivating hopeless, disappointed and dispirited people.

  2. To organize meditational program to ensure internal peace and harmony.
  3. To promote the members of the Foundation by providing scholarship, internship, employment opportunities & career counseling.
  4. To create and develop professionalism by organizing seminar, symposium, workshop & training programs.
  5. To regulate the motivational activities and assist in maintaining positive attitudes and high level of thinking in the general conduct of its members.
  6. To organize ‘Success Scholars Course’ for building a truly motivated person towards the ultimate success.
  7. To arrange and promote ‘Yoga Course’ for ensuring fitness of its members and people of the society.
  8. To establish an Academy named as ‘Success Academy of Bangladesh’ in abbreviation SABD for advancement of knowledge and experience.
  9. To promote various support system for achieving their individual dreams.
  10.  To promote and advance the spiritualism in all its members for internal and external peace.
  11. To build a common platform for career networking, relationship and bridge the gap between success seekers and successful people.
  12. To improve quality of working life (QWL) of students, workers and general people of the country.
  13. To help in the acquisition and interchange of life experience among its members.
  14. To send volunteer teams for the assistance, medical treatment of the victims of earthquake, flood tidal wave, cyclone within the country and in abroad.
  15. To participate in various social activities for the social welfare, development and integrity.
  16. To give all our assistance to the Government of Bangladesh to strengthen its development oriented social welfare programs.
  17. To foster coordination with similar Society in Bangladesh and in other countries, for mutual benefits in furthering the objects of the Society.
  18. To diffuse information among its members on all matters affecting life success and to encourage, assist and extend knowledge and information connected therewith by establishment and promotion of lectures, discussions or correspondence; by holding of conferences, by publication of papers, periodicals and journals, proceedings, reports, books or other literary undertaking; by encouraging research works or by the formation of library or libraries and collection of models, and articles of interest in connection with life success or otherwise whatsoever.
  19. To buy land, building or any type of real estate for the benefit of the Organization and to take lease any real estate from the government or any private body to implement the objectives of the Organization.
  20. To establish and run Research and Training Center, Technical or Vocational Institute/School, College, University, Medical Institute/College, Medical Centers, Satellite clinic, Hospitals and other relevant institutions with a view to achieving the objectives of Organization at any places in Bangladesh.
  21. To collect funds and loans through membership subscriptions, Local Elites donations, GOs, NGOs, banks, National-International Donors and from such other sources who possess soft corners for this society to implement its objectives as and when needed.
  22. To receive all kinds of aid, grants, donations, assistance, benefaction, subscriptions for the purpose of the Foundation (in case of some Foreign Donation (Voluntary Activities) Regulations Ordinance (Ordinance No. XLVI of 1978) and the Foreign Contributions (Regulation) Ordinance (Ordinance No. XXXII of 1982) as amended from time to time should be strictly complied with, and to collect various funds and acquire and preserve assets and properties through receiving of such donations, grants, aid, assistance and benefaction.

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